Let's Work Smarter.

Streamlined P.O.S. Data Management

Tillerman creates the most complete, accurate and actionable POS data available to help apparel and fashion brands make better and more impactful business decisions.

Top Line Dashboards

Top Line Dashboards

Normalized Data Extracts

Normalized Data Extracts

Regional Product Performance

Product Performance by Location

Merchandising Overview

Merchandising Overview

Size Performance

Size Performance

Results By Location

Results by Location

Data Acquisition, Management & Reporting Simplified

We help our clients capture and analyze actionable data in a fraction of the time it would take to manually report. This results in hundreds of hours saved so executives can focus on driving results and putting the data to work to improve the bottom-line.

Tillerman Data Funnel

Big Wins from Small Data

Focusing on Solutions

Innovative suppliers are leveraging Small Data to improve their offerings, streamline their supply chain and increase their fulfillment rates. Small data is specific, actionable and accurate. It is used to drive crucial decisions and business processes which separate successful suppliers from the pack. Every week the consumer votes in the form of purchases and returns. All companies look at their results, but the best companies tally their consumer's votes into a powerful data set they use to drive results throughout the product lifecycle.

Tillerman brings a powerful combination of data management and apparel industry expertise to create customized solutions that best capture and communicate the information our clients need to analyze in an understandable, efficient, timely and consistent manner.

Level the Playing Field

We believe that the size of a company shouldn't dictate the quality of your POS data. We help companies of all sizes - from single brand wholesalers to global conglomerates capture the most sophisticated and complete data set to help them do their job. This means that no matter the size of a company, brands that use Tillerman's data can act like their largest competitors by having access to the most holistic set of data that is crucial for your own brand

So whether a wholesaler wants to see what is selling best in one retail location vs another, determining markdown projections or using data to make design choices for next season, our sophisticated and automated data capture and reporting tools help brands make smart decisions for their bottom line.

Share Information Company Wide

Data informs all aspects of a wholesale business from design to merchandising to sales and inventory control. We help our clients capture the POS data that the entire organization needs to do their job. Whether managing weekly business decisions like re-orders, product delivery flow and markdown strategies, or seasonal hind-sighting for future product development, different parts of the team need different data views to improve business knowledge across the entire company. Tillerman manages both the data capture and distributions, so our clients can focus on driving sales and improving their bottom line.

Analyze Data for Smart Business Decisions

Incomplete data is not good enough. Our creative and customized data loading process creates the most complete data set available and combined with custom attributes, creates a complete view of performance.

This helps our customers create analysis and business intelligence to improve results weekly, and plan, forecast and strategize for the coming seasons.

Prioritizing Small Data to Win Big

Meaningful Increases in Bottom & Top Lines

Industry leaders are finding ways to operate more efficiently, identify "white space" opportunities, partner better, and drive top-line growth and bottom-line results. Successful wholesalers understand there is simply no room for error when it comes to managing profit margin, and are aggressively using POS data to improve their results

Serving Over 1,000 Brands

Brands that work with Tillerman: Izod, Buffalo Jeans, Calvin Klein, Olga, Citizen, Bulova, Tommy Hilfiger, Alex Evening, True, Hudson, Democracy, Hanky Panky, Nike, Robert Graham, Warners